[TEST] What’s happening in I’m an Engineer, the online STEM engagement activity

Over the last week, students and engineers across the UK have been engaging online in I’m an Engineer, Get me out of here. Together they’ve talked about everything from how robotics will impact the health service, to advice for becoming an engineer and learning software development, to recommendations for engineering apprenticeships, to childhood interests, to  the discovery (for the engineers) of just who BTS are. This June, there’s a Health Zone, funded by Wellcome, and Milliampere Zone, a general zone featuring engineers from a range of areas and disciplines, funded by STFC. See all the engineers and schools taking part here. In total, in the first seven days there’s been: 529 school students logging in to the zones 252 ASK questions from students sent to the 12 engineers 338 votes cast by students for their favourites (almost) uncountable levels of conversation in the 17 live chats that have taken place. yesterday in #IAEUK @IAEGMOOH (2/2)-student2: surely I would be able to … Continue reading

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